Week In Singapore

I’ve spent last week in Singapore and just got back. Rather expensive city in many aspects, especially if you want to own a car there – some very serious taxes involved and only very rich people drive cars in Singapore. But that is besides the point. I took my friends advice and instead of booking hotel, I went through TripAdvisor and found a very decent condo for rent that turned out to be three times cheaper than staying in hotel! Of course, I also had to find a good maid services and part time cleaners for my rented condo and laundry. Turned out that www.parttimecleaner.com.sg is a very decent company and they have truly great customer service and I was very happy with results. But that is also besides the point, just letting you know ins and outs of my trip.


So, I have few thousand photos taken and will start putting them up one by one when I get them out of my cameras and do a bit of work on them. I think most of them is are from Singapore Botanic Gardens as the orchids were in full bloom and I just love taking pictures of flowers. They make best custom wallpapers and I even have printed them on the walls and glass and even made some lamps using those images. Take a look at this beauty:


Actually, out of whole trip I most enjoyed early mornings in Singapore Botanic Gardens – people jogging while it is still not too hot, everything is so green, looks like you are not in the city but in some wilderness far away from people.

Ok, that will give you small insight how it looks there.

Anyway, that’s it for now, gotta write all the reports and prepare for good long working day! Will try to post pictures from this trip as soon as I get the mess at work cleaned up and had time to look at the pics myself to pick the best ones 🙂